Mitsubishi Rosa Bus For Rent

Rosa Bus For Rent In Dubai

Mitsubishi Rosa Bus For Rent in Dubai and Sharjah

Many businesses in the city of Dubai offer the service of bus rental. Whether traveling for business or leisure, it provides an effective and practical way to get around Dubai. Bus rentals are a great option in Dubai for a variety of reasons, including cost, convenience, and security. For individuals looking to reduce their transportation expenses, bus rental in Dubai is a fantastic choice. It's a fantastic option for people who would prefer to have more say over their plan for travel. Numerous transportation options are available from 34 seater mitsubishi bus rental in Dubai & Sharjah, and they can be tailored to your individual requirements. You can discover the ideal bus for your group from the company's extensive selection of vehicles.

Anybody renting a 34 seater Fuso Rosa in Sharjah motorcoach would appreciate its amenities. It's so much work to plan carpools or rely on crowded public transportation. An ideal vehicle for staff transportation, university/campus transportation, hotel transfers, sightseeing, airport transfers, school transportation, events, and more is a 34-seater Fuso Rosa. Get in touch with us through whatsapp or email to arrange safe and effective transportation for your next journey!

Mitsubishi Rosa Bus For Rent

What is the price of a bus with 34 seats in Dubai?

For a 5 to 10 hour rental within the city, a 34 seater mitsubishi rosa bus can be rented for between AED 600 and AED 850. It will cost approximately AED 1050 to rent the bus for an out-of-town excursion.

Group travel has never been simpler. For group outings, family vacations, and other social events, you can now easily travel to all of your favorite locations in a 34 seater minibus driven by a Dubai resident. Take a comfortable trip with your loved ones in this roomy 34 seater rosa minibus, which has enough room for everyone to have their own seat and can hold up to 20 passengers plus luggage.

Mitsubishi Rosa 34 seater Bus Rental Rates

34 seater Bus for Rent 10 hours a Day Dubai

AED 700

34 seater Bus for Rent 10 hours a Day Dubai to abu dhabi

AED 800

34 seater Bus for Rent 10 hours a Day Dubai to sharjah

AED 800

34 seater Bus for Rent for Airport One-way Transfer in Dubai

AED 450

34 seater Bus for Rent For One-way Transfer 

AED 600

Our buses are air-conditioned and equipped with all the modern equipment of the latest technology to make your trip comfortable.

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