Abu Dhabi Bus Tour allows people to accommodate a huge number of passengers. Enjoy seating in this fully furnished and automatic bus. Enjoy seating inside the bus while enjoying the wonderful site outside. Have fun chatting with friends and other loved ones. The bus tour is definitely well equipped with things you need. The bus is inclusive of the entertainment such as TVs, DVDs, and other sounds you want. On this tour, you may choose on either having a tour using the ones provided by us. If you wish to avail of the default Abu Dhabi Bus Tour, there will be a specific time for each tourist spot and the places to see will be designed for you. Another one is the customized tour where you will be allowed to choose which places to see and how long would you want to stay on the place. Availing on any of these will still make you see more wonderful places in Abu Dhabi. Enjoy seeing the richness of our culture. Do not miss the chance of availing Abu Dhabi Bus Tour.

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