Toyota Hiace Commuter 15 seater for rent in Dubai is the popular people mover minibus, produced by leading Japanese brand Toyota. It is generally a modern evolution of the 1-box van that generally prioritizes style, comfort and versatility.

It is available in long wheel base as well as short wheel base version, as the range stretches from practical commuter to wide-body luxurious van. It is widely used in the hotel industry, airport transport and as a school van.

15 Seater Van For Rent Dubai

This minibus is a solid runner which is built for purpose of use on longer routes. It is durable, spacious and comfortable commuting van that makes up good driving experience. The comfort level of this 15-seater minibus is ideal for executive passengers. It is available with 2WD and 4WD options, equipped with 2.7-liter petrol engine that returns quality performance and better ride experience. Moreover, it is an extremely capable vehicle which has ability to propel passengers with maximum efficiency and power.

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15 Seater Van For Rent in Dubai

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